Dual Roller Clutch FlexShade®


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Enjoy the benefits of two shade fabrics (or a shade and projection screen) in one window shade to control glare and darken the room in one shade.
  • Two complete Shades vertically stacked in a single recessed headbox
  • Available for Motorized FlexShades®, Clutch FlexShades®, Battery Operated FlexShades®, 24V FlexShades®, and LightBloc w/Side Channels.
  • The Dual Roller Pocket headbox is white (standard) where visible at the ceiling line.The bottom cover attaches easily without fasteners.
  • The bent steel headbox may be installed in the ceiling, well in advance of the Shades, allowing for easy coordination with various trades.
  • Suspended or flush mounting available.
  • Shades may be coupled, minimizing wiring and use of motors


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