Manual FlexShades

Draper's Been Making Quality Window Shades Since 1902

Simplicity of design, durable materials and careful workmanship make Draper window shades America's first choice for light control and room darkening. They are designed specifically for institutional use and manufactured to endure the toughest conditions. All of our window shades are custom made to fit your windows and individually tested before shipment to make sure they meet our high standards.

Manual FlexShades are a sensible, easy choice for standard window treatments. Choose from a wide range of attractive, light-filtering and light-blocking fabrics to enhance a buidling's enery efficiency.

Installation Choices

Installation choices range from simple mounting brackets, to encaps and fascia, to extruded pockets with bottom closure panels and side channels.

Operating Systems

Draper's Manual FlexShades are available in three different operating styles: Clutch-operated, crank-operated and Spring Roller operated. Click on the links to the left for more details and documentation on each style.

Available Manual FlexShade Models

Clutch FlexShade | Clutch FlexShade XD | Crank FlexShade | Manual Lightbloc | Skylight FlexShade | Dual Roller FlexShade | Spring Roller FlexShade | Techmatic FlexShade | Access Manual FlexShade