E Screen 3% with KOOLBLACK ATF

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PVC coated fiberglass fabric that offers the same great features of dark screen fabrics, E Screen with KOOLBLACK provides improved near-infrared reflectance. KOOLBLACK Technology has the same durability and dimensional stability as standard E Screen, but with enhanced heat reflective properties in the infrared spectrum. This results in dark color fabrics performing similar in thermal performance to white fabrics while maintaining the excellent view through and glare control of dark fabrics. Offered in 5 colors that match standard E Screen™ with the versatility to design with KOOLBLACK on southern and western exposures and standard E Screen on northern and eastern exposures, while maintaining the same interior appearance.
  • Acoustical Performance: 3%: NRC 0.15, SAA: 0.17
  • Composition: 36% Fiberglass / 64% Vinyl
  • E Screen is a trademark of Mermet USA
  • Fabric Style: Basketweave
  • KOOLBLACK Technology is a registered trademark of Mermet USA
  • UV Blockage: Approximately 97%

Available Colors


Fabric Details

Composition and Performance

Indoor / Outdoor Use
Openness Factor 3.0 %
Fiberglass Composition
Antimony Trioxide Free (ATF)


Maximum Roll Width: 122
Weight per Square Yard: 11.3000
Can be railroaded
Made in the USA


RoHS Compliant
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