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Need to convey a brand message, give your telepresence an air of professionalism, or even communicate more clearly between different branch offices (London, New York, Beijing, etc.) within your company? Draper's award winning custom printed backgrounds are the answer. No matter the message or the artwork Draper Printed Backgrounds offer unlimited potential to enhance your telepresence and make it more effective.

Custom In-House Printing

Draper offers in-house custom printed graphics. Our printers digitally produce high quality images with incredibly sharp detail. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) inks allow for brilliant and vibrant color reproduction throughout a wide color gamut. No off-gassing with water based latex inks which are UL ECOLOGO Certified and GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.


More Information

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Preferred File Formats for Graphic Art

Adobe Illustrator or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). Illustrations should be vector-based (not simply a PhotoShop file saved as an EPS). All typography should be converted to paths (outlines).

Other Accepted Format

TIF (Tagged Image File) TIF should be flattened (no layers), CMYK color mode, at 150dpi (dots per inch).

Image Size

All files should be sized exactly to the final print size. For example, if your shade's visible area is 50" x 50" in size, your graphic image size should be 50" x 50".


If the graphic is to bleed (if the image is to run all the way to the edge of the shade), add 1/2" to all sides of the image size for bleed to allow for trimming.

Instructions (pdf)

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