ReAct MS1000V


From the OptiFlex Family

Moderate Viewing Cone/Superior Contrast/On-Axis Gain of 1.0

Draper ReAct MS1000V offers enhanced color contrast even in ambient light, is fully HD compliant and is available on both permanently tensioned and tab-tensioned screen models.

  • Part of Draper's OptiFlex family of viewing surfaces.
  • Originally launched by our European subsidiary, Draper Europe. Popular and affordable, brought to our United States line by customer demand!
  • Provides superior performance in ambient light conditions
  • Silver/grey surface provides impressive contrast
  • Gain: 1.0
  • Viewing cone: 60°
  • Ideal for multipurpose spaces where lights need to stay on
  • Available in permanently tensioned or tab tensioned screen models, and can disappear when not in use

Surface Characteristics

  • Maximum Height Without Seams: 82.5"
  • Weight (g/sm): 427
  • Thickness (mm): 0.29
  • Cleaning: Mild soap and water
  • Composition: Flexible PVC

Reflective Performance*

  • Gain Chart - See below
  • 0° Gain: 1.0
  • Half Gain Angle: Horizontal: 30°

*Individual test results may vary. Results based on a representative sample in Draper inventory.



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Technical Data Sheet

ReAct Flyer (pdf)

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Reflective Properties

Gain Chart


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