Access MultiView Voltage Controls for Electric Screens

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Part number: 121048

The AMV-C features low-voltage, independent control of the Access MultiView’s dual-masking system. Both the screen and the masking motor are controlled by separate 3-button switches enclosed in a single box. This 6-button wall switch provides two format settings that can be changed at the touch of a button. A flexible, advanced IGC/3N1 modular control system is also included. It can be configured in a variety of ways to provide control for one or more motors in groups and/or individually from one or more locations.

U.S. Retail Price $583



Part number: 121052

The AMV-IR features low-voltage, independent control of the Access MultiView’s screen and masking motors. It includes two multi-channel infrared controls, two receivers, and one transmitter that provide wireless remote control from anywhere in the room.

U.S. Retail Price $879

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