Accessories for Revelation B

Glass Shield

Glass Shield

Part number: 300030

Revelation Glass Shield. Made of anti-reflective glass and installed between the Revelation and the first surface mirror/ceiling closure. Reduces projector noise by an additional 80%, and prevents cigarette smoke, grease or other harmful substances from reaching the projector. Virtually none of the projected light is lost as it passes through the Shield.



Part number: 254020

Miroclear is a superior quality cleaning and restoration kit designed specifically for use with all first surface glass mirrors. Contains cleaning solution, cotton gloves, lint-free cloth and instructions.

Ceiling Access Door

Ceiling Access Door (Metal Finish)

Part number: 300007

This access door provides above-the-ceiling access for cleaning, maintenance or repairs without damage to the ceiling. White metal door appearance.
Ceiling Access Door (dwg) AutoCAD document
Ceiling Access Door (pdf) PDF document

Ceiling Access Door - Accepts Ceiling Tile

Ceiling Access Door - Accepts Ceiling Tile

Part number: 300008

A hinged door provides access to a Draper projector lift installed above a finished ceiling for cleaning, maintenance or repairs, without having to damage the ceiling. Accepts ceiling tile to blend in with the surrounding ceiling.
Ceiling Tile Access Door (dwg) AutoCAD document
Ceiling Tile Access Door (pdf) PDF document

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