IntelliFlex® Control System Components

Automation Devices - Gen 3

Sun Sensor/Timer Interface

Part Number: C157.015

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Sensor is designed to have an up and down threshold which is user defined during programming. They is also a built is delay mode for passing clouds. The timer is also set at programming. One enters the time and structures of the time zone.

Network Communication - Ethernet to Serial Bridge

Part Number: C103.062

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Ethernet to Serial bridge device to control R2D7 via Ethernet. Comes with its own power supply and instructions. The LS100 can have a static IP address assigned to it, allowing for direct access to any device connected to it via Ethernet connection. This input device can be used with SC1, SGC1, SGC4 or SPGC4.

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RS 232/485 Translator for serial operation

Part Number: C156.191

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The RS 232/485 serial input allows these types of serial commands to operate controls on the bus line. There is no GUI. This type of control is for automation system integration. One device is limited to 10 groups of operation.

Dry Contact Input

Part Number: C112.124

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Converts dry contacts into system commands to which any control on the BUS line can respond. It can work with up to 6 different contact closures. There is also a 12 contact version.