Draper Digital Network IP Interface

The DDN is a system of window shades with intelligent motors linked to an IP interface box and potentially other input devices such as hospital bed controls, wall switches and sun sensors.

  • Timed functions from an IP interface automate a facility for any needs - i.e., light pollution control at night if seeking a LEED credit.
  • Flexible programming and priorities mean that local wall switches can be set at a priority level that works with the automation system.
  • Virtual wall switches can be programmed into the IP interface allowing operation of shades from any computer with access.

The Draper Digital Network IP Interface

The Draper Digital Network IP Interface is a serial device server used to connect the RS485 DDN BUSDDN consisting of ILT2 motors and control devices to a managed LAN network. The firmware of the IP Interface is remotely upgradeable over the Internet. The DDN IP Interface contains an internal Web server with configuration software that is accessed via any standard Web browser. The IP Interface is compatible with both the PC and the Mac platforms.

Main software features:

An almost unlimited number of personalized GUls can be configured and created, remotely deployed and then accessed from a link on the individual users desktop allowing personal solar shading control. The Graphical User Interface actions have associated URL commands for interfacing with 3rd party IP control systems. Remote access to the IP Interface for configuration and remote diagnostics is available through HTTP port 80, un-proxied. Completely automated shade movements can be programmed via internal time scheduling and solar angle utility.

Sample Configuration

DDN Sample Configuration

For more technical information (pdf)

White Paper (pdf)