Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling


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Draper’s Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling is a unique product designed expressly for video conferencing cameras. This product won the ADEX 2013 Platinum award for Design Excellence. It conceals the camera just above the ceiling and out of the way when not in use, and lowers it into position immediately below the bottom edge of a ceiling mounted projection screen surface in “down” position. Sleek, ceiling-recessed case features motorized door closures and installs directly behind screen case.

Fast, quiet, and unobtrusive, the Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling is offered in models to accommodate virtually any camera.

  • Case dimensions are 10-7/16” H x 9-1/2” D x length. ( 265mm H x 241mm D x length)
  • Accommodates cameras up to 9” W x 7" H x 5-3/4” D ( 228mm W x 178mm H x 146mm D)
  • Several sizes are available with a travel range anywhere from 72” to 103-7/8” and +/- 2” of adjustability.
  • Includes single station wall switch, other control options available.



Retail Pricing Table

Display part numbers with 110V or 220V motors.

Travel RangeCase DimensionsWeightPart No.
110 V
U.S. Retail
72"10 7⁄16"h. x 9 1⁄2"d. x 102"w.244VCCL72$12531
78"10 7⁄16"h. x 9 1⁄2"d. x 109"w.261VCCL78$12724
84"10 7⁄16"h. x 9 1⁄2"d. x 116"w.277VCCL84$12923
90"10 7⁄16"h. x 9 1⁄2"d. x 123"w.294VCCL90$13131
96"10 7⁄16"h. x 9 1⁄2"d. x 127½"w.305VCCL94$13569
103 7⁄8"10 7⁄16"h. x 9 1⁄2"d. x 140"w.336VCCL103$14029

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