VCB Luma 2


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VCB Luma 2 is a heavy-duty wall/ceiling mounted spring roller operated background. An attractive, practical choice wherever a large spring-roller background is needed. Simple in design and rugged in construction. Constructed entirely of heavy gauge components for years of dependable operation.
  • Available with a ceiling trim kit for ceiling recessed installation.
  • Available in sizes through 12’ x 12’ (366cm x 366cm)
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Retail Pricing Table

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Unit Of Measure

Size H x W or diagonalCase LengthShipping Wt./lbs.Chroma Key Blue
Part No.
U.S. Retail
96" x 70"72.537V20601KB$640
108" x 70"72.538V20602KB$660
120" x 70"72.539V20603KB$685
132" x 70"72.540V20604KB$705
144" x 70"72.541V20605KB$725
96" x 84"86.543V20606KB$643
108" x 84"86.544V20607KB$670
120" x 84"86.545V20608KB$695
132" x 84"86.546V20609KB$718
144" x 84"86.547V20610KB$743
96" x 96"98.62547V20611KB$692
108" x 96"98.62548V20612KB$718
120" x 96"98.62549V20613KB$747
132" x 96"98.62550V20614KB$777
144" x 96"98.62551V20615KB$805
96" x 108"111.2553V20616KB$897
108" x 108"111.2554V20617KB$927
120" x 108"111.2555V20618KB$962
132" x 108"111.2556V20619KB$992
144" x 108"111.2557V20620KB$1027
96" x 120"123.2561V20621KB$947
108" x 120"123.2562V20621KB$947
108" x 120"123.2562V20622KB$985
120" x 120"123.2563V20623KB$1030
132" x 120"123.2564V20624KB$1064
144" x 120"123.2565V20625KB$1099
96" x 144"147.2593V20626KB$1104
108" x 144"147.2594V20627KB$1114
120" x 144"147.2595V20628KB$1120
132" x 144"147.2596V20629KB$1127
144" x 144"147.2597V20630KB$1135

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