VCB Access E


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The newly re-engineered Access case installs above ceiling. The case is UL approved for use in environmental air space. Features ceiling trim flanges, prewired junction box, and movable brackets for a smooth operation. Viewing surface and roller can be installed at the same time or can be added quickly and easily, without tools, at a later date.
  • Background sizes from 96” H x 70” W to 144” H x 144” W (244cm H x 178cm W to 366cm H x 366cm W)



Retail Pricing Table

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Unit Of Measure

Size H x W or diagonalCase LengthShipping Wt./lbs.Chroma Key Blue
Part No.
U.S. Retail
96" x 70"8470V13901KB$2547
108" x 70"8471V13902KB$2569
120" x 70"8472V13903KB$2589
132" x 70"8473V13904KB$2611
144" x 70"8474V13905KB$2632
96" x 84"9883V13906KB$2591
108" x 84"9884V13907KB$2617
120" x 84"9885V13908KB$2642
132" x 84"9886V13909KB$2667
144" x 84"9887V13910KB$2692
96" x 96"11087V13911KB$2639
108" x 96"11088V13912KB$2667
120" x 96"11089V13913KB$2696
132" x 96"11090V13914KB$2726
144" x 96"11091V13915KB$2752
96" x 108"12296V13916KB$2716
108" x 108"12297V13917KB$2749
120" x 108"12298V13918KB$2781
132" x 108"12299V13919KB$2814
144" x 108"122100V13920KB$2847
96" x 120"13498V13921KB$2786
108" x 120"13499V13922KB$2811
120" x 120"134100V13923KB$2836
132" x 120"134101V13924KB$2871
144" x 120"134102V13925KB$2909
96" x 144"158122V13926KB$2871
108" x 144"158125V13927KB$2922
120" x 144"158130V13928KB$3002
132" x 144"158137V13929KB$3086
144" x 144"158141V13930KB$3167

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