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Video Conferencing - Improve your Telepresence

How to BuyJust like the internet, video conferencing is evolving rapidly. New efficiencies, benefits, and audiences are uncovered seemingly every week. Increase your face-to-face productivity while reducing costs with Draper’s Video Conferencing Solutions product line and take your video conferencing from functional to exceptional.

Video Conferencing Camera Lifts

Draper offers six different options to conceal your video conferencing camera when not in use.

Draper knows that effective video conferencing starts with having the required technology precisely where you need it, when you need it there.

  • Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling Places camera directly behind a motorized projection screen, synchronously raising and lowering it with the screen.
  • Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Credenza Installs in virtually any conference room furnishing
  • Video Conferencing Camera Box - For wall mounting
  • Video Conferencing Camera Adapter Bracket - Mount video camera into one of three Draper ceiling recessed projector lifts (AeroLift 25, AeroLift 50 and Micro Projector Lift)

Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling | Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Credenza | Video Conferencing Camera Box | Video Conferencing Camera - Adapter Bracket

Video Conferencing Backgrounds

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Make Your Telepresence More Immersive

Draper offers three unique types of backgrounds to bring your video conferencing to life. If video conferencing is important to your business, why not choose a background that sets your content apart? Video Conferencing Backgrounds are offered in a range of standard sizes (custom sizes by quotation).

Neutral Backgrounds | Printed Backgrounds | Chroma Key Backgrounds

Motorized Background Models

Need an effective background that is there for your video conferencing and out of the way when not in use? Motorized Backgrounds offer the ultimate in convenience. No matter your installation preference, Draper makes it easy to raise or lower a neutral, printed or chroma key background with the touch of a remote or wall switch. Includes single station wall switch, other control options available.

VCB Access/Series E | VCB Ultimate Access Series/E | VCB Targa | VCB Silhouette Series/E | VCB Artisan/Series E

Spring Roller Operated Backgrounds

Spring Roller

Add a dynamic background to your video conferences for more compelling communications with this cost effective, low profile and simple to operate solution. Draper Spring Roller Operated Backgrounds can be mounted almost anywhere (wall, ceiling and ceiling recessed), pulled down at a moment’s notice and take the professional impact of your message to the next level. Background sizes from 96” h. x 70” w. to 144” h. x 144” w., dependent on case style.

VCB Luma 2 | VCB Silhouette/Series M | VCB Artisan/Series M



Permanently Tensioned Chroma Key Backgrounds

Planning a dedicated video conferencing space employing frequent use of inserted background graphics and video? Draper Permanently Tensioned Chroma Key Background can ensure the ultimate in flatness, tonal integrity and invisible framing for your dynamic background content. Sizes from 54” h. x 72” w. to 78” h. x 104” w.


VCB Traveller Portable Background

Setup and video conference anywhere while maintaining the strength of your message with the Traveller Portable Background! The increasingly mobile nature of video conferencing dictates that your background be mobile as well. It’s the perfect neutral, printed or chroma key background solution in a durable streamlined case that’s perfectly portable. Don’t compromise the impact of your message just because you video conference in your office, on the road or even at a tradeshow. Sizes from 77” h. x 41-1/2” w. to 92.5” h. x 81-1/2” w.


Video Conferencing Screens

Make Your Telepresence More Dynamic

Draper has been manufacturing quality projection screens for decades. Through extensive research in screen surface technology we have developed a number of surfaces well suited for video conferencing that feature controlled viewing cones, exceptional contrast, and ambient light rejection properties. Pair one of our dynamic viewing surfaces with the perfect Draper screen model for a truly superior video conferencing experience. Visit Screen Surfaces for more viewing surface information. MORE

Light Control Shades

Draper Light Control Shades feature the fabric colors and characteristics best suited for controlling sunlight and light color during video conferencing.

With over 110 years of experience Draper is uniquely qualified to provide solar control solutions for the widest range of customers’ needs. Our extensive library of shade fabric colors and characteristics not only ensures effective solar control but also that the light quality and light color in video conferencing spaces is not compromised. Don’t let glare and improper light color detract from your message or conference participants. Choose Draper motorized or manual window shades and take control of your telepresence. MORE