Draper's Projection Screen Surface Selector

This application has been designed to assist you in narrowing down our various screen surfaces to the best alternatives based on your input. While we have attempted to make this application informative and easy to use, it cannot replace the expertise of a Draper representative. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The audience

Viewing category:
The viewer is able to recognize what the images are on a screen and can separate the text or the main image from the background under typical lighting for the viewing environment. There is passive engagement with the content (e.g., casual television viewing).

Passive Viewing
Basic Decision Making
Analytical Decision Making
Full Motion Video

Will the audience be more than 25° from the center of the projection screen (50° viewing cone)?
Viewing angle

Light control

The amount of ambient light that will be on the projection screen.
Ambient light
Ambient light
Ambient light
Ambient light
Ambient light
footcandles    lux

The projector

Native format
Projector's Stated ANSI Lumens
Projector throw distance (distance from projector to screen)

The projector position

Will the projector be in front of the screen surface along with the viewers or behind the screen surface? Please contact a Draper representative for information concerning rigid screen surfaces.
Front/Rear Projection
Rear projection
Front projection
Will the projector be above the mid-point of the screen surface, near the mid-point or below the mid-point?
Mid-point Projection
Above mid-point
At or near mid-point
Below mid-point

The viewing surface characteristics

Will speakers be placed behind the projection screen surface, i.e., will sound need to travel through the screen surface? Yes

Image measurement

Dimensions   Height:  inches
 Width:  inches
 Diagonal:  inches

The projection screen type

What type of projection screen will be installed?

Fixed Screens are permanently tensioned screens that provide a contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear projection screen is required. The viewing surface is flat and that means perfect picture quality. Draper has a permanently tensioned screen to fit your needs.
Motorized tab-tensioned
Motorized free hanging