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Credenza Projector Lift

Credenza Projector Lift

Credenza Projector Lift

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The Credenza Lift conceals your projector in a credenza, cabinet, or table and raises it quickly and quietly into position when it’s time for a conference to begin. When concealed, your projector is protected and out of the way.

  • Features 12" (30cm) vertical travel and a tiny footprint, making it easy to install in virtually any conference room furnishings.
  • Interior shelf height is adjustable.
  • Required opening in furnishing top is lift shelf size (width and depth) + 1/2" (12mm).


Retail Pricing Table

Display part numbers with 110V or 220V motors.
110 Volt (North America)
220 Volt
Travel Range Case Dimensions Weight Part No.
110 V 
U.S. Retail
Part No.
220 V 
U.S. Retail
12" 9"h. x 10"d. x 7½"w. 30 300450 $2942 300451 call 

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